Monday, May 27, 2013

8 Days of SWAG - Students Working Against Gangs in the Waterloo Region

     The Waterloo Regional Police Service is eager to launch an upcoming awareness campaign for youth, this Wednesday, May 29th until Friday, June 7th.  8 Days of SWAG, Students Working Against Gangs, is an eight day online, social media event where high school students from the Waterloo Region are invited to participate, for a chance to win daily prizes.

     Over the eight-day period, the campaign will explore various gang-related themes that can have an impact on a youth’s life - through means of social media. Topics will include gangs in the Waterloo Region, addiction and drugs, violence, the law, employment and education, peer relationships and online activity.

     To host the campaign, we’ve created an “8 Days of SWAG” Facebook Page and Twitter account, as well as a website.  
     Through Twitter and/or Facebook students are encouraged to interact with the 8 Days of SWAG content by “tweeting,” “retweeting,” posting, sharing, liking, and/or commenting, to qualify to win great prizes. Each interaction counts as a single “ballot.” Students can increase their chances of winning by interacting more often! Winners will be randomly selected at the end of each day using social media visualization software. (See a full list of Contest Rules and Regulations at 

The prizes are as follows:

     8 Swag Tees - Day One (Wed. May 29) 
     7 iTunes gift cards - Day Two (Thurs. May 30)
     6 HMV gift cards - Day Three (Fri. May 31)
     5 BestBuy gift cards - Day Four (Mon. June 3)
     4 iPod Shuffles - Day Five (Tues. June 4)
     3 iPod Nanos - Day Six (Wed. June 5)
     2 iPod Touch - Day Seven (Thurs. June 6)
     1 iPad Mini - Day Eight (Fri. June 7)

NOTE: All submissions from Days One – Seven will automatically count in the Day Eight draw, to win the iPad Mini!

     In addition to our social media efforts, the Waterloo Regional Police Service will visit eight selected schools (one per day) in the region, to further promote the campaign. (Waterloo Region high school schedule can be viewed on the 8 Days of SWAG Website). Regardless, the campaign was designed so that all Waterloo Region high school students can participate and are eligible to win.

     We are committed to engaging youth in a friendly and informative way in order to educate them about issues relating to violence, gangs and drug culture, and to provide them with information that increases their safety and awareness. Our goal is to build awareness around the consequences poor decisions can have on a young person’s future, in an open and engaging campaign.

     Unfortunately, if you are not a high school student in the Waterloo Region, you are not eligible to win. We do encourage you to contribute and join the conversation! “Like” the 8 Days of SWAG Facebook Page and follow the 8 Days of SWAG Twitter account for updates.

Lindsay Charlesworth is the Social Media Investigative Assistant for the Waterloo Regional Police Service. 

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